Instructions for use

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use of our products are available online for your convenience. Please use the search box below to find the IFU you are looking for. You can search on the (partial) product code, and filter on product name and language of your preference.

No results were found. Please try a different search or look on the product page.



  • Make sure you spelled all words correctly
  • Search on product number (i.e. HC882446, HC795200C)
  • Search on product name (i.e. Vereos, EPIQ 7)
  • Try different keywords
  • Visit the product page to find your IFU

Download your Instructions for Use (IFU)


For your convenience, we have made the IFU’s of our products available online.


Please use the search box to find the IFU you are looking for. You can search by document part number*, partial document part number, and refine your search with product name and language.

The full document part number must have spaces, for example 1234 567 89012.


Please consider the environment before printing.


Save and read the downloaded document on your computer and only print the pages you need.

If you cannot find your IFU, or prefer to receive a full paper copy, please request your IFU by sending an email to with:


  • Full name
  • Company/Institution
  • Shipping address (including country)
  • Product name and version number
  • Instructions for Use part number (12NC)
  • Language
  • If you want a digital copy (PDF) or a paper copy


*Note that IFU’s for MRI can only be identified securely by entering the full document part number. These numbers can be taken from the documents that are present on your system.