Our innovation story

Unlocking insights to create innovations that matter

From affordable ultrasounds for developing world populations to a digital health platform that collects and analyzes patients’ real-time health information, our approach to innovation always puts your needs first.

It starts with an understanding of your world—knowing the challenges you face and where changes in healthcare and technology impact your ability to deliver high quality patient care.

The combination of our own original thinking, with critical input from patients and providers, serves as the foundation to create innovations that really matter.

Creating the shortest path to the best care, from hospital to home.



We ask providers and patients what really matters to them—what could make a meaningful impact in their lives and work—to make sure our solutions are meeting a real need.
Clinical expertise

Clinical expertise

Whether we are creating an easier-to-use ultrasound, making a patient monitor interface more intuitive, or providing clinical insights that help a radiologist arrive at a more confident diagnosis faster, our solutions are designed to help make your care delivery more efficient and effective.


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Research and analysis

Supported by in-depth research, detailed analytics and actionable data—combined with direct customer input—we arrive at solutions that are designed to overcome real-world obstacles to delivering better patient care.
Industry insights

Industry insights

Understanding where healthcare is going is crucial to making smart decisions today. We look at the big picture to spot trends and uncover insights that inform our work and support your goals.


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Visionary thinking

We push the limits of what we see in front of us to include what we can only imagine. Freed from convention and routine, we can envision innovations that go beyond problem solving and change lives.

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What's trending


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