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Ultrasound imaging

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MicroTEE on the iE33 system provides critical information to help diagnose and treat tiny patients.

For the most critical newborns

For the most critical newborns, microTEE gives key insights

In the past, Transesophageal Echo (TEE) could not be performed on infants. Philips microTEE on the iE33 ultrasound system answers your need for high-performance, real-time imaging of newborns, providing information that may change patient management.
Versatile imaging

Versatile imaging designed to enhance critical care

The microTEE provides a critical tool for the care of tiny, sick patients. It supports Doppler, color flow, harmonic imaging, M-mode, and 2D analysis. The microTEE joins the Live 3D TEE for children and adults, as well as the MiniMultiplane TEE for infants. Now clinicians can obtain important cardiac function information in the NICU, OR, Echo and Cath Lab.
Proven results

Proven results make a clinical difference

The transducer can be used to identify residual defects in need of repair while patients are still in-suite. In a study of 42 patients,* the microTEE transducer was used successfully to image 100% of the patients, with no complications or clinically significant changes in hemodynamic or ventilation variables. Information from microTEE assessment during surgery resulted in surgical revision for 6 of the 42 patients.*
  • * Zyblewski SC, Shirali G, Graham E, et al. Initial Experience With a Miniaturized Multiplane Tranesophageal Probe in Small Infants Undergoing Cardiac Operations. Annals of Thoracic Surgery. 2010: 89:1900-4