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Enhanced diagnostic confidence   in MR neuro oncology


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    In a society where neurological disorders represent a heavy burden, Philips is committed to provide superb diagnostic clarity and treatment guidance for all patients. Today, although MR is the gold standard in neuro oncology imaging, its accuracy in tumor grading and treatment follow up assessment can be further improved.


    3D APT (Amide Proton Transfer) is a unique, contrast-free, brain MR imaging method addressing the need for more confident diagnosis in neuro oncology. 3D APT uses the presence of endogenous cellular proteins, to produce an MR signal that directly correlates with cell proliferation, a marker of tumoral activity. 3D APT can support trained medical professionals in differentiating low grade from high grade gliomas and, in differentiating tumor progression from treatment effect1.

    Enhanced diagnostic confidence with 3D APT

    3D T1w TFE 3D APT

    What our customers say about 3D APT

    It would be impactful to have a sequence like APT, which could assist us in making those decisions with more confidence”

    Jeffrey Miller, MD

    Pediatric radiologist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH)

    APT was added to about 70 MRI exams of children with brain tumor and we saw some encouraging early results”

    John Curran, MD

    Radiologist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH)

    Clinical cases from your peers with 3D APT


    Brain with glioblastoma

    with 3D APT

    Glioblastoma recurrence

    Brain imaging for glioblastoma recurrence

    with 3D APT


    Brain astrocytoma, post-radiotherapy

    with 3D APT

    Brain lesion

    Brain lesion

    with 3D APT

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    Advancement in molecular tumor diagnosis

    Read more about the main principles and general acquisition mechanism of APTw imaging as initially pioneered by the group of Dr. van Zijl and Dr. Zhou.

    enhance throughput time

    Enhancing brain tumor MRI with APT weighted Imaging

    Read the story from Phoenix Children’s Hospital on the study they conducted to evaluate the value of APT in clinical practice.



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    3D APT leaflet

    Enhanced diagnostic confidence in Neuro oncology

    3D APT brochure

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    1 Zhou et al., Nat Med 9, 1085-1090 (2003).​; Zhou et al., Magn Reson Med 50, 1120-1126 (2003)​; Jones et al., Magn Reson Med 56, 585-592 (2006).

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